Puppet Theatre in Košice and Civic Association at Puppet Theatre in Košice organizes 7th volume of Days of Puppet Theatre and Performances for Families – VIRVAR. It will be held in Košice, 6th – 9th  June 2019.

Dramaturgy of festival is concentrating on interesting theatre productions, in which dominates puppets. Important for us are theatre productions using puppet techniques and ways symptomatic for puppet theatre.

Festival VIRVAR is concentrating on kids and families, but it is possible to enrich the program with some important topics, which are primarily intended to young and adults. If you are theatre, or theater company with small ensemble which have puppet performances in your repertory, it will be our pleasure if you contact us on e-mail virvarkosice@gmail.com until 28 February 2019.

The dramaturgical board of festival choosing the productions. We will inform you about the results of dramaturgical board until 2 April 2019.

We are looking forward to your offers.



Dramaturgical board of festival VIRVAR