The puppet theatre was established in 1959 and became the fourth professional scene of the kind in Slovakia. Originaly seated on Roosevelt street. In 2000, theatre has moved to current place on Alžbetina street into its own building. Since beginning until nowadays theatre produced more than 222 stage plays with almost 12 000 reprises and is still the only one professional puppet theatre in Eastern Slovakia.

Our theatre has always aimed for distinctive dramaturgy of plays performed by excellent actors. In the past it was often referred to as ” children´s musical and entertaining theatre”. At present, the theatre engages the fourth generation of actors. Long time experienced performers were joined in the troupe by young and ambitious generation of actors which show promise also in the difficult times unfavourable for culture.

In our works we use all the special instruments and techniques peculiar to puppet theatre, reviving various puppet and objects. Our production includes illusionary or nonillusionary theatre, playing on musical instruments, singing, dancing, juggling, but also dramatic performance. Our productions can be divided into three groups:

  1. kindergarten plays – productions for youngest children
  2. productions for pupils (under age of 15)
  3. productions for teenagers and adults (over the age of 15)

 Our ensemble includes 10 full-time actors. Current repertoire consists of more than 20 productions.The theatre regularly participates in festivals in Slovakia and abroad. We performed for spectators in Czech republic, Poland, Hungary, Austria, Serbia, Bulgary, Germany, The Netherlands, Switzerland. Denmark, Sweden, France, Romania, Ukraine, but also in Turkey or Tunisia.

 At present, ensemble is led by Ivan Sogel.


Bábkové divadlo v Košiciach
Tajovského 4
040 01 Košice

tel./fax: +421- 55-622 0049